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Why are you selling?

Landipity is a team of real estate investors and all of the properties listed for sale were acquired for investment purposes.


What does the closing process look like?

The closing process begins after reviewing, signing and returning your signed purchase agreement. The closing process is simple and varies depending on your payment method.

  • A) If you have chosen a cash purchase, we will proceed to closing through a mobile notary or a title company

  • B) If you have chosen to finance the purchase, we will setup reoccurring payments and proceed to closing through a mobile notary or title company once your property is paid off in full.

After closing, you can expect to receive your property deed from the county within 2-3 weeks.


Are there any hidden fees when buying land from you?

No, there are zero hidden fees and you are always welcome to contact us to discuss your purchase options in more detail.

How do I qualify for financing?

Owner financing is available to everyone with absolutely no background or credit check. This means anyone can own any one of our properties despite past setbacks. 

If I choose to finance, can I pay off my land sooner?

Yes, you can choose to pay off your land sooner. The standard financing terms offered are intended to provide you with the flexibility you need to purchase property. Please contact us if you would like to discuss an accelerated payment plan. 

Can I get a better deal if I buy multiple properties?

If you are interested in owning multiple Landipity properties, you may be eligible for additional savings with bundled closing costs. Please contact us to discuss your purchase and potential savings in more detail.

Do you accept trades as a form of payment?

We do not accept trades as a form of payment, but we do offer flexible payment options. Learn more about your purchase options.

What can I do with the property?

Every property is different and it's important to always check the zoning code before purchasing to determine if a property is right for you. To find the zoning code of a Landipity property, please visit the individual property listing page and check under the "Features" section.​

How do I know if this is a safe way to purchase property?

We take pride in our work and provide full transparency through each step of the purchase process. We provide you with all of the property information you need to complete any additional due diligence before purchasing and always close through either a mobile notary or a title company. 

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