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Your Land Loans Tutorials

Logging in for the very first time:

- Video covers how to gain access to your account for the first time using the temporary password and invite sent to your email. 

Account Walkthrough: 

- Video covers the main page in your account and how to utilize the tabs at the top of the screen. 

Payment Methods: 

- How to access the various payment methods and add to your account. 

Adding ACH via Instant Verification

- How to add a bank account to your loan using the instant verification feature.

How to Verify Bank Information with Micro Deposits

- How to verify your ACH information via the Micro Deposit method. 

Set up Recurring "Scheduled" Payments 

- How to set up recurring payments on a monthly basis and choose the day of the month payments are made.

How to Make a Payment

- How to make a one time payment within your account.

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